Release 5.1.0

This release will affect the packing process

Clougistic WMS Release 5.1.0 - Scan to Pack / Outgoing Goods Control

Never ship wrong items again! This release adds a feature to force outgoing goods control (OGC) during packing. If this option is enabled (in the sale order or system settings), the packing operator will be forced to scan every single GTIN before putting it away in the packing material (box/pallet/bag).

Note: Before using this option make sure product barcodes are set.

User Interface

When reaching the packing stage, a new review and packing page will be shown.

Review Step

  • all items for packing/return are shown on the screen.

  • if stacks are used, action must be taken to collect the items from the stacks. A toggle switch must be switched to green to acknowledge.

  • if additional labels must be printed, action must be taken to print. A toggle switch must be switched to green to acknowledge.

Only if all actions have been taken, it is possible to proceed to the next step [START PACKING].

Outgoing Goods Control (GTIN & Qty) during packing

If OGC is activated it is possible to start scanning items right away for the first parcel. It’s preferable to use a presentation scanner like the Zebra DS9900 series. This saves time triggering the button to activate scanning. Every time a bar code is scanned the item will be added to the parcel. When everything is checked and parcels are finished (and possibly individually printed) it is possible to print the shipment document(s).

If OGC is not activated for an order you are able to proceed packing and add parcels. No goods control will be enforced. This is comparable with the current Clougistic packing process.

Shipment detail

On the shipment detail page the options drop down is replaced with a tab panel which shows the parcels and its contents.

Process change

A shipment ID will be created prior to the packing process (adding parcels and print shipping labels). This way we are able to print the shipment ID on a separate parcel packing slip prior to finishing the shipment.


A new event is added: warehouse.order.item.packing.shipment.finalized.after to make it possible to add parcel related data to the webhook payload.

Please check the use of event warehouse.shipment.created.after this event shouldn’t be used to trigger webhooks involved with sending shipment data (f.e. to 3th party API) as it will not contain any parcel data yet.


One of the new features is the capability to call every individual parcel data from the packing page. This might be handy when you need to print a packingslip per parcel or need to inform other 3th party information systems regarding the shipment that will be delivered.

If you want more information on which parcel information is available within webhooks, please go here.

Packing process workflow change

As described in the new OGC process Clougistic's packing process has changed into a review and packing step. The way cancelled items are processed is also changed.

Instead of packing and returning in one step, an additional step is added to the process to make the packer even more aware to return cancelled items to stock.

The 2 different situations are:

  • all picked items are cancelled; in this case the packing process will be skipped and the return items step will initiate.

  • if some items are cancelled; the packing of items to shipped starts first and the workflow proceeds with items to return to stock.

The return step will still create the job to be able to return items to stock and able to print a return label to keep items identified during transfer from packing to put away.

Scan active button

The scan input active button design has changed so that it is more noticeable when it is activated.


  • RMA (Return merchandise authorization) is renamed to Returns throughout Clougistic.

  • Order details header names are changed:

    • # -> ORDR: Ordered amount

    • CNL -> CANC: Cancelled amount

    • RMA -> RETU: Returned amount

Release Date (estimated)

Week 28 2022