Create custom made products with ease

Optimize stocklevels of raw materials or components that are needed to create the final product and keep delivery times as short as possible. When you receive an order with a custom made product, your in-house production department or external suppliers receive a production order to supply the finished product. Add the finished product to your stock and it’s ready for delivery.

Custom Made Production

Clougistic supports products with custom options and can trigger and inform the production department to create the custom made products. Inventory and costs of the needed products and raw materials are managed by Clougistic.

Bill of Materials

Creating a detailed Bill of Materials for your inventory is really simple. Master every product, even if you need custom options.

Production Orders

With our Production Order overview you will never loose track on whats still in production or is already produced ready to ship.

Manage Inventory for raw materials

Manage and prepare production orders and send (pick&pack) raw materials from your own stock.

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