• Pick multiple orders at the same time
  • Fast paperless picking with any bluetooth scanner
  • Wave picking
  • Zone picking
  • Gather and merge partial orders from different zones
  • Unlimited users
  • Multiple businesses supported
  • Multiple warehouses supported
  • Multiple zones supported
  • Multiple packingtables supported
  • Store different products with GTIN+ (EAN/UPC) on 1 stocklocation
  • Easily add users and define roles & permissions
  • Track every warehouse movement
  • Returns (Reverse Logistics )


  • Integrated auto min/max replenishment
  • Inventory management for multiple webshops with stock entity option
  • Inventory management for products, raw materials & components
  • Multi inventory for different companies
  • Bill of material
  • Reservation options
  • Fast import inventory data (drag and drop .csv files)
  • Easily move products between inventory locations
  • Move and block inventory in case of faulty products
  • Cycle counting
  • Track every inventory change


  • Generate purchase orders automatically or manually
  • Send purchase orders per email to suppliers
  • Generate purchase return orders for suppliers
  • Replenish policies: min max & stock entity
  • ETA & ETD for purchase orders and items
  • Multiple suppliers for each SKU
  • Drag & drop supplier data
  • Stock value can be updated based on extra costs
  • Reserve purchased quantity for Sales Orders
  • Create y our own email templates in HTML
  • Track every purchase order


  • Generate production orders automatically
  • Assign orders to your production team or external suppliers
  • Optimize stocklevels of raw materials or components
  • Handle bill of materials
  • Control inventory of raw materials with bill of materials
  • Keep track of all production and purchase orders
  • Custom option products are separated from normal stock
  • Suppliers can view custom options needed for production
  • Import bill of materials by drag and drop .csv files