Managing your warehouse

will be a walk in the park

Improve efficiency

Enable batch picking and automatically route orderpickers based on the most efficient one

How to increase warehouse output

Eliminate errors

Barcode based scanning for product storage and order-picking ensures the right products and amounts being picked....always

Benefits of a paperless WMS

Save Storage Space

Store goods randomly on any free warehouse location and optimize space. Keep track of all goods and assigned locations during it's WMS lifetime

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Experience the benefits working with Clougistic SaaS WMS

Simplify inventory management

Purchase orders are auto generated in a split second, based on integrated min/max auto replenishment stock levels.

Inventory management solutions

Prioritize tasks

Easily increase picking or production order priority to process orders asap. Simply mark important order(s) as high priority, and they will be handled first.

About workflow automation

Accelerate productivity

Save time and money managing employees. Clougistic directive WMS assigns tasks to each employee in real-time on their mobile device.

Custom option based production

Stay informed

All information in Clougistic Saas WMS is real time available and presented in a very user friendly fast webbased interface.

Experience real time insights


Designed with API in mind. Connect Clougistic with every 3rd party SaaS solution through API and programmable Webhooks. If you already have an e-commerce platform and use your favorite finance software for many years, add Clougistic warehouse management software to complete your software stack.

Fast Global Access to Clougistic

Clougistic is build on top of the Global AWS infrastructure. Keeps your data save, is fast and ready for the future. Clougistic's nearest endpoint is available at locations found here: Global AWS locations

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