Managing your warehouse

will be a walk in the park

Saas Warehouse Management System

WMS Efficiency

Cover every process to optimize your warehouse and inventory. Manage intake, picking, packing, production, purchasing and returns with ease. Improve space utilization. Optimized picking for shortest travel distances. Automatic replenishment for guaranteed availability.


Clougistic is designed with API in mind. Connect Clougistic with every 3th party SaaS solution with our API and programmable Webhooks. If you already have an e-commerce platform and use your favorite finance software for many years, add Clougistic warehouse management software to complete your software stack.

Paperless WMS

Eliminate paper and printing costs, boost warehouse output and increase accuracy to more than 99% with electronic inventory and barcode scanning. Clougistic guides warehouse employees through all processes, from receiving goods to shipping orders. Hook up your mobile device and start using Clougistic.


Create custom made products with ease. Optimize stocklevels of raw materials or components that are needed to create the final product and keep delivery times as short as possible.

Cloud WMS: Fast Global Access to Clougistic

Clougistic is build on top of the Global AWS infrastructure. AWS is a well known Cloud provider, keeps your data save, is fast and ready for the future. Clougistic's nearest endpoint is available at locations found here: Global AWS locations

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