Is it possible to connect multiple sources?

Connect multiple (Magento) installations, stores and companies (b2c, b2b, webshop, POS) to one Clougistic environment and manage the inventory of all different stores/companies easily in one place.

Is it possible to store different products on 1 warehouse location?

Yes, products with an unique identifier can be stored on 1 stock-location. Optimize storage space for products with EAN/GTIN's. 

Is it possible to pick orders with printed picking lists?

No, Clougistic only support paperless picking with any Chrome based OS (10" Android tablet) and Bluetooth scanner. There are many benefits to use a paperless solution.

Is it possible to change warehouse design when in production?

Yes, easily add or change unlimited warehouses, zones, packing tables, print nodes and users. Roles and permissions of users can easily be added and changed when needed. Design and customize Clougistic to your needs. Define roles and permissions for every warehouse employee and add as much users, warehouses, zones and packing tables as necessary.

Do products require EAN/GTIN?

No, if a product has no unique identifier a warehouse location will identify the product.

Can I access my information remotely?

Yes, you can access your data from any location through our Cloud.

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