Realtime Insights

Access Clougistic reports and dashboards effortlessly through Google's Looker Studio, enabling the integration of Warehouse Management KPIs with diverse sources for the creation of real-time customizable dashboards. Additionally, merge your own datasources seamlessly for a comprehensive and unified data visualization experience. Explore our built reports with multiple options to filter and sort data, ensuring easy access to the specific information you need.

Warehouse Reports

Direct insights of sales and production orders (and items) in process, users on the job, logistic units in use, orders waiting to ship.

Order Report

Realtime status bars with percentages of allocated stock,  work in process and completion to manage day-to-day decisions.  Provide customer service departments  with detailed information about unfinished business like backorders, deliverytimes, delays and processable quantities.

Purchase Order Report

Filter purchase orders by date, status, product, supplier, supplier reference,  ETD or ETA.

Cost Analysis

Conduct in-depth profitability assessments with our Cost Analysis feature. Calculate your profits by meticulously analyzing the cost of goods sold, gaining insights into the intricacies of your financial landscape. Delve into the comprehensive details of landing costs, ensuring a thorough understanding of the financial implications at each stage of your operations. Additionally, evaluate the average value of stock on hand, providing a holistic perspective on inventory management and its impact on your overall cost structure. Clougistic empowers you with detailed and actionable data, facilitating informed decision-making for enhanced financial performance.

Replenish Report

Create supplier replenishment reports with automatic generation of purchase orders with the help of min/max configuration.

Product Report

Realtime overview of all aggregated product KPI's like stock on hand, allocated stock, reservations, demands, ETA, underway and shipped. Zoom in on any product and get a detailed report on transactions, warehouse locations, allocations, shipments and many more details.