Warehouse Management

Fast paperless put away, picking & packing

Set optimal batches for picking routes. Don't wait any longer for printed instructions. Connect your favorite forwarder, such as DHL or DPD, with our programmable webhooks to eliminate manual input.

Batch picking with multiple pickers

Split inventory over multiple zones to double picking output. Multiple order pickers can process one order together. 

Keep track of goods movements

Clougistic will track every movement goods will make within your warehouse. Returned goods from customers, returned goods to suppliers, batch imported inventory, stock takes, everything is traceable. Every movement is live visible and stored for quality assurance. 

Store goods from multiple companies

Store and sell products from multiple companies. With Stock Entity, selling goods from another entity within one Clougistic account is as easy if it was your own inventory.

Multiple warehouses

Create unlimited warehouses within one Clougistic account.

Multiple packing tables

Optimize packing output with unlimited packing tables, split by warehouse. Control employee access and connect any cloud printing solution.


Get real-time visual information about every order in Clougistic. 

Gather & Merge pickorders from multiple zones in 1 warehouse

Optimize picking by splitting inventory in zones to save warehouse space, train employees, optimize floorspace, double or tripple pick output.

Design warehouses without help of 3th party consultants

Warehouse design can be changed in a few simple steps by adding warehouses, zones, printers and packing tables.

Save money on expensive devices

All you need to work wireless is a low budget Android tablet and any 2D Bluetooth scanner.

Offer goods in consignment and keep track of supply and sale

Stock inventory in a 3th party warehouse and keep track of sales and supply with our consignment feature. Keep track of stock in  separate warehouses from within one Clougistic account.

Employee roles & permissions

Easily add users, define their roles and control permissions. Control employee access for warehouses, zones, picking and packing. Control everything from one single Clougistic account.

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