Warehouse Management

Efficient and electronic handling of storage, retrieval, and packaging processes

Enhance productivity by optimizing picking routes with intuitive guidance, eliminating the need for explicit instructions. Streamline your shipping process by seamlessly integrating your chosen forwarder through our versatile automation tools. Experience the advantages of streamlined operations with step-by-step guidance using electronic devices and scanners, minimizing the need for manual tasks in your fulfillment process.

Enhance efficiency with batch picking using multiple pickers

Distribute inventory across various zones to increase picking output twofold, allowing multiple order pickers to collaborate on processing a single order.

Monitor the movement of goods seamlessly

Clougistic meticulously tracks every journey within your warehouse, including returns from customers, items sent back to suppliers, batch-imported inventory, stock takes, and more. Each movement is live-visible and stored for quality assurance purposes.

Effortlessly manage goods from various companies

Store and sell products from multiple entities seamlessly. With Stock Entity, selling items from another entity within a single Clougistic account is as straightforward as managing your own inventory.


Effortlessly expand your operational capacity by establishing an array of warehouses within the confines of a single Clougistic account. Enjoy the flexibility of creating unlimited warehouses, enabling you to optimize and streamline your logistical processes with unparalleled ease and efficiency.


Enhance your packing efficiency by incorporating a multitude of packing tables, each tailored to specific warehouses, all within the comprehensive framework of a single Clougistic account. Exercise precise control over employee access, and seamlessly integrate with any cloud printing solution to further streamline your packing operations. Unlock the potential for unlimited packing tables, empowering your organization to achieve heightened productivity and operational finesse.


Immerse yourself in the realm of real-time insights with Clougistic, providing comprehensive visual information for every order. Experience the seamless allocation process, where reservations dynamically align with available stock or supplier purchase orders. Elevate your operational awareness and precision, ensuring efficient utilization of resources and fostering optimal allocation strategies within the dynamic landscape of your business.

Elevate efficiency with strategic picking

Revolutionize your picking process with Clougistic as you seamlessly gather and merge pick orders spanning multiple zones within a single warehouse. Boost efficiency by strategically dividing inventory into zones, maximizing warehouse space utilization. Empower your workforce through targeted training initiatives, while optimizing floor space to enhance overall operational fluidity. Witness a substantial increase in picking output, doubling or even tripling productivity, as Clougistic empowers your organization to achieve unparalleled efficiency and agility in your logistics operations.

Empower your warehouse design independently, shaping efficient layouts effortlessly

Take control of your warehouse design process without relying on external consultants. Within a user-friendly interface, easily modify layouts by incorporating additional warehouses, zones, printers, and packing tables. Clougistic puts the power in your hands, enabling seamless customization through intuitive steps, ensuring a tailored and optimized warehouse infrastructure to meet your unique operational needs, all without the involvement of third-party consultants.

Offer goods in consignment and keep track of supply and sale

Stock inventory in a 3th party warehouse and keep track of sales and supply with our consignment feature. Keep track of stock in  separate warehouses from within one Clougistic account.

Employee roles & permissions

Easily add users, define their roles and control permissions. Control employee access for warehouses, zones, picking and packing. Control everything from one single Clougistic account.

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