Inventory Management

Expertise and insights

Combine expertise and insights with Clougistic’s integrated option to optimize stock levels. Keep production up and running, with just enough raw materials and components, always deliver when needed. Sell products from different entities in multiple shops? Use Clougistic’s unique stock entity.


Every stock movement is tracked by Clougistic. It answers questions like, who supplied the current stock, did it move around in my warehouse and where can i find stock from a certain delivery. But also questions like which person put away and which one picked.

Real-time up to date

All inventory indicators in Clougistic are real-time and therefor always up to date. If stock is allocated for a new sales order it automatically updates all information in Clougistic and triggers events to update connected e-commerce platform.

Change stock reservation priority

Inventory reservations for orders are ranked first in first out. The order can be changed and split into multiple smaller reservations. This way orders with priority can be send out even if it's the last in.

Reserve stock for customers or connected e-commerce platform

Reserve a part of your stock for specific customers or for a specific territory. Incoming sales orders matching customer or e-commerce platforms are automatically allocated on this reservation.

Reserve purchased quantity for specific orders

Reserve stock for sales orders and production orders. Reserve items on inventory or on purchase orders.

Stock replenishment

Clougistic supports integrated min/max auto replenishment of stocklevels.

Cycle Count

Segregate product in A,B and C (A product are fast runners and are counted more often then slow selling C class products) and start cycle counting continuously, less disruptive tailored to perform more regular counts on higher value and higher sales items.

Sell stock from different fulfillment entities

Share your inventory with multiple entities in a single Clougistic account. Save time (no movements) and money (inventory). Clougistic keeps track on all transactions on your inventory by other entities.

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