Create custom made products with ease

Streamline inventory control for the necessary raw materials or components in the production process to minimize delivery times. Upon the initiation of a custom product order, your in-house production department or external suppliers receive instructions to fulfill the production requirements. The final product is then seamlessly incorporated into your stock, prepared for efficient delivery.

Tailored Solutions

Clougistic is dedicated to accommodating products with custom options, seamlessly facilitating the production of bespoke items. Our system is adept at initiating and notifying the production department to craft these unique products. Furthermore, Clougistic efficiently manages the inventory and costs associated with the required products and raw materials, ensuring a streamlined and cost-effective process for custom-made goods.

Bill of Materials

Creating a detailed Bill of Materials for your inventory is really simple. Master every product, even if you need custom options.

Production Orders

With our Production Order overview you will never loose track on whats still in production or is already produced ready to ship.

Manage Inventory for raw materials

Manage and prepare production orders and send (pick&pack) raw materials from your own stock.

Streamline assembly with Clougistic's kitting solution

Kitting, in manufacturing, refers to the streamlined process of gathering and delivering all essential components necessary for assembling a specific product. This practice can take place within the manufacturing facility, either in a dedicated cell separate from the primary assembly line or be outsourced to third-party logistics partners. Notably, Clougistic offers an efficient kitting solution, empowering businesses with a comprehensive tool to streamline this process. Especially recommended for production businesses dealing with a multitude of small parts, kitting proves advantageous. It is particularly well-suited for manufacturers facing constraints in floor space for organizing essential parts efficiently.

Moreover, kitting proves invaluable for manufacturing businesses engaged in crafting customized products for their clientele. This is evident when creating bespoke items that involve different parts or components with varying specifications. Eliminating the inefficiencies of having workers traverse the facility in search of scattered screws and sub-parts, kitting becomes a time-saving solution. By presenting the required parts in pre-assembled bundles, readily available for the production line, manufacturers enhance efficiency and optimize their overall production process. With Clougistic's kitting capabilities, businesses can elevate their operational efficiency further.

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