Warehouse Management System for Magento 2 & 1

100% Magento integration 

Suitable for all Magento producttypes and connecting  multiple Magento shops.  Clougistic supports all Magento features, even the most complex ones. Converting your warehouse to a paperless work space that runs in the cloud. Keep using your favorite e-commerce platform and benefit from all it’s possibilities without concessions.

Multiple Shops

Connect Multiple shops, even on seperate installations.

All Producttypes

Handle all Magento producttypes, even with custom options (awesome to trigger production).

Custom Options

View product custom options from Magento in Clougistic, even uploads in magento are available in Clougistic.


Feedback shipment to create invoices or shipment labels. Partial delivery and invoices are supported.

Order Status

Cancelled or hold orders will affect orders in Clougistic automatically.

Stock & ETA

Stock updates in Clougistic will be visible in all connected Magento shops. Quantity and ETA.

Order Delivery date

Process orders based on the delivery date set in Magento.

Product types

Handle products differently in Clougistic with custom product attributes specifing things like products with experation or dangerous goods.